Emotions for the senses

An immersive experience in your home

We are passionate about technology, which is why we use it to create atmospheres and settings where the senses enjoy rediscovering leisure time as a family.

We bring you the highest quality audio and video with innovative sound systems and trusted high-end devices.

The latest technology at your fingertips with the greatest control and standards.

Welcome to evolutionary electronics, adaptable and upgradeable installations to get the latest

innovation in emotions for the senses.


Commercial sounds

Thanks to the latest audio systems we can create transformative experiences in the customer.

What used to be a simple stroll through a store has now become a feeling to be remembered. The audio completes the service and the customer by elevating the image and reputation of the brand or company.

Some of our proposals include a soundtrack adapted to the personality and essence of the shop or installing an efficient loudspeaker.

Multi-zone sounds

When a song is special you want to hear it everywhere. That is the idea behind the Multizone Sound systems.

Hit play from your smartphone or tablet and enjoy music in all areas of your home or business.

State-of-the-art home automation and sound devices make endless options to access streaming music services, internet radio, or your own music downloads with the best sound quality in your own home possible.

High fidelity

That is the real sound.

Hi-fi is a quality standard that guarantees the fidelity of the original sound as it plays.

Cutting out noise and distortion so you have a vibrant experience every day.

Efficient insulation

At Palmer 1956 we also advise you on choosing and applying the best soundproofing and sound improvement materials to provide the degree of insulation and absorption you want in each room through decorative panels.



TVs are the backbone of home entertainment tech for family or individual enjoyment.

At Palmer 1956 we specialise in high quality, large format and professional models over 100" as well as high quality LCD, DLP, and S-XRD/D-ILA home and professional projectors.

We offer you the highest standards in screens knowing we are the ones the experts come to.

Each project is unique and has a different space and needs, so we personally advise you on choosing the TV that fits your living room or business perfectly.

Home cinema

Surround sound and professional image quality with the best brands in a space of fun and relaxation under your control.

We bring you cinema in the comfort of your own home and the magic of the big screen by designing and installing modern and functional rooms with smart technology for an unforgettable experience with each movie or concert.

Immerse yourself in any genre of cinema with incredible realism thanks to the audio and video systems, the most innovative and highest quality cinematic sound experience in your home.

At Palmer 1956 we follow the latest developments closely to offer cutting-edge evolutionary electronics: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray playback for display on 4K projectors and fixed, motorised, tensioned, recessed, manual, and more.

Magic mirror

Exclusivity, elegance and the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

Smart power in a product with two functions.

What at first sight looks like a mirror or glass surface transforms into a high-resolution LCD TV. This is achieved through a unique LCD screen specifically calibrated for your home incorporating smart technology to make the experience and operation innovative and simple.

All AD NOTAM® products are made in Germany and feature custom engineering and LCD technology. They are specifically designed to operate in environments with little or no ventilation and maximum humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, or spas.

A sophisticated and avant-garde product that brings functionality to your home.


Higher image quality, wider colour range, and energy savings, audio-visual technology for screen lovers.

Infinite-sized LED displays at your disposal.

TV accessories and furniture

Every detail is important when it comes to an experience for the senses, which is why at Palmer 1956 we design complete comfortable and functional environments to enjoy audio and video.

High quality and avant-garde design come together to create your cinema or TV room with all the accessories and custom furniture you need. Essential elements where technology and good taste merge to create high quality unique ecosystems.

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We design the experience of your senses

At Palmer 1956 we choose the best technology by customising each project with our audio and sound specialists, from first contact to maintenance and tuning.


Information, advice, and sale of products.


Project design, planning, and strategy.


Technical and architectural installation.


After-sales service: maintenance, repairs, and spare parts.

Other services


360º projects. Innovation and quality in your everyday.



Optimisation, custom design, and versatility for the nerve centre of your home.



Imagine a smart home controlled from your smartphone.



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