Connectivity and control Everyday innovation

The installations make our day-to-day life easier, allowing us to always be connected to enjoy entertainment or promote education as well as have all the tools to offer the best customer service.

They also play a key role in the safety of our homes and businesses by providing a sense of protection that lives up to your expectations.

Innovative solutions for greater peace
of mind and quality of life.

Electrical installations and telecommunications

Being connected twenty-four hours a day, anywhere, and through any device today is how today's world works.

The telecommunications and installations keep you in contact with your family, allow you to send or receive information about your business in real time, give you access to entertainment or unlimited news in your professional environment as well.


Access to what matters to us is the basis of communication. That is why, at Palmer 1956, we have been designing telecommunication structures

so you can always be connected with the certainty of efficiency that characterises us.

Education, information, entertainment, and customer service are some of the fields in which our service is particularly important.

  • Connected to what you are
    interested in
  • Emergency support
  • Ease in personal and work activities.

Electrical installations

We offer the end-to-end projects that you need in your business, exceeding your expectations and those of your customers.

Offer the best service backed up by Palmer 1956 quality in commercial premises, industrial warehouses, and even in homes.

  • More comfort, more productivity
  • Peace of mind in your business
  • Maintaining efficiency

Networks + Wifi

Imagine having a secure, efficient connection

wirelessly when and where you need it most.

We know how important it is for you to stay connected and with the fastest speed possible, that is why we back up our projects with structured cabling, both in copper and in fibre optics, with the professionalism of a team of experienced engineers.

  • Comfort on your side
  • Connections safety
  • Ease in everyday life

Video surveillance and access control

Living means having the peace of mind to feel safe.

Comprehensive video surveillance and access control systems keep you connected at all times and from any place to what is happening at your home, office, or any other space.

  • More control at your fingertips
  • Always protected
  • Carefree rest

Video surveillance and access control

Our commitment to creativity in technology and to our customers pushes us to constantly innovate by designing security and surveillance systems such as intercoms and video door entry systems for access control or intrusion or CCTV (closed circuit television) devices.

Thanks to these quality solutions, our customer can control access to his/her home, his/her company or to sensitive areas in addition to improving the quality of service and efficiency of his/her workers.

Facial recognition, the smart security of the future.

Cutting-edge technology is coming to businesses with a new useful security tool to identify VIP customers or detect unwanted visitors.

Facial recognition software matches faces in real time with a previously stored database to manage access control and keep you informed at all times.

It is the perfect addition to an existing surveillance system that will allow you to focus on what really matters, your business.

Lighting Studies

Designing an atmosphere to match your project is possible thanks to efficient lighting. At Palmer 1956 we create personalised environments by studying size, functionality, materials, colours, and other factors.

Planning a professional project in which the areas that require lighting are focused on and those that do not are respected helps to create the necessary tranquillity for the space and can largely determine the place's atmosphere.

  • Adds value to your project
  • Creates an atmosphere of comfort
  • Increased home automation control

Climate control

Coming home to the perfect temperature is to feel at home.

At Palmer 1956 we have been trying to give you that feeling with green, user-friendly, and high efficiency air-conditioning systems.

Devices, which in addition to respecting the environment,

respect your peace by being quiet and blending in

with careful designs, according to your tastes.

  • Comfort, no matter the weather.
  • With an eye on the environment
  • Integrated design and style

Home climate control

We offer you control over your home's temperature with simple and efficient systems for responsible consumption to take care of your family.

Industrial climate control

We adapt each air conditioning system to the characteristics of your business to offer you a personalised project that your business can count on.

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We accompany you from the very first with our engineering team identifying your needs to recommend the most personalised solution designing the highest standard project that exceeds your expectations.


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Project design, planning, and strategy.


Technical and architectural installation.


After-sales service: maintenance, repairs, and spare parts.

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